Wonderful story about Jazzie with amputated leg , now adopted

When Jazzie arrived at our shelter the decision was made to do a full amputation of her leg due to the fact that she kept hitting the lower amputation on the ground and it appeared to be causing her pain.  Once the leg was fully amputated Jazzie made a quick and fast recovery and learned to move around at lightning speed no challenge was too big for her.  After recovering in a foster home we then moved her back to our shelter and into the kitten room which also doubles as the feline office so she had plenty of attention.  We all fell in love with her quirky personality and we knew that we needed to find the right adopters for her that would love and understand her.  A lovely young couple adopted her and you can see by the photos she appears to be quite happy

From her adopters:

“Jazzie is doing great she settled in in no time. She loves the staircase and she plays her own version of hide and seek! “