SARL Florida Cats – Adoptions

Oreo (5 months) – adoption was finalized today by his very excited new parents. Oreo will be an only kitty for now but will gets lots of love and attention. His new mom and dad spent yesterday buying a cat tree and all the things they needed to bring this little boy home.

Starbucks (5 months) – was adopted today by a very nice husband and wife. They originally wanted to adopt an older cat but once they met Starbucks and heard him purr they changed their mind. They had recently lost their senior kitty so they were excited to have another loving companion to share their home with.

Taro (6 months) – was adopted today by the couple that had adopted Oslo a few months ago. Sadly Oslo was taken by an illness and their hearts were broken. They came in today hoping to fill the empty house and let their hearts expand some to give another little fur baby a loving home.