Adoption – Chrome

Chrome helped them fill out the adoption papers.

Adoption Chrome – this special little boy was adopted today. Chrome is such an affectionate cat that just lives to be cuddled and loved and he had to wait such a long time to finally be medically cleared. Tonight he is home cuddling with his new mom and dad who fell completely in love with him. They are previous adopters who adopted Tia(4) this past March and wanted to expand their family. Chrome helped them fill out the adoption papers.

I received a text message from Chromes new family a few hours after they brought him home.

“Hi Robin this is Sarah, Chromes new mom! He has made himself at home already and we are completely in love! We have decided to rename him Meliodas” We will sent you pictures of Meliodas and Midoriya (Tia) together when they finally meet. Thanks for your help today he is such a love bug!”


Chrome at home

Chrome at home with his new dad.