Bella’s Promise Pet Rescue

Dedicated to reducing the overpopulation of homeless cats in southeast Florida by supporting trap, neuter, vaccinate, return (TNVR) efforts, and partnering with the Darbster Foundation to help find those ready for adoption their forever homes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We plan to expand to helping dogs as well in the future.

Our Mission

Bella’s Promise Pet Rescue (BPPR) is a 501(c)3 volunteer based rescue group that focuses its efforts and resources on reducing the overpopulation of cats (and dogs soon) in the southeast Florida area. We are dedicated to rescuing homeless animals that are at risk of dying in the streets and in shelters. We do this by partnering with trap, neuter, vaccinate, return (TNVR) programs and with the Darbster Foundation, a 501(c)3.

BPPR places our rescued animals into loving foster homes, and provides all medical care including wellness visits, vaccinations, microchip and spay/neuter. Once fully vetted and cleared by our veterinarian for adoption and transport, our rescued pets are scheduled to travel by plane to our rescue partners in New Hampshire and Massachusetts through the Darbster Foundation. Unlike Florida, these states do not have an overpopulation of homeless cats and dogs, so they are able to more quickly place our rescued pets into wonderful, loving, forever homes.

Our northern rescue partners follow a thorough and comprehensive adoption process, which includes taking considerable time and care educating potential adopters about the responsibilities and costs of bringing a new pet into their lives, and then helping each find their best match. BPPR does consider some local adoptions which are handled on an individual basis. BPPR and our rescue partners remain committed to the welfare of these animals well beyond the adoption process.

We are determined to keep administrative expenses low so that every dollar goes directly to the care and transportation of our rescues. We welcome any new volunteers, fosters and donors and are greatly appreciative of all!! We can’t do it without you!! Thank you for helping Bella’s keep her Promise in these never ending rescue endeavors!!

Thank you to our partners whose support makes our work possible

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Our Story

Hi, I’m Yesenia Perez, and I am the co-founder / VP of Bella’s Promise Pet Rescue and the coordinator for Darbster Kitty here in S. Florida.

I got my start in rescue all because this stunning boy, Shadow, pictured here, chose us. About 2 years ago I started feeding 2 black cats that showed up at our house, very hungry. A few months later my neighbors moved and took the other cat with them, leaving Shadow. I had gotten concerned because he had not come around for a while, and then one day, he was back, only this time he had 3 kittens with him… EEEK!! I of course fed them all, and then quickly realized mom was there too! Now at this time I did not know much about rescue, but knew I had to get them all fixed to stop the cycle of reproduction. So I started reaching out for help, and the local shelter suggested I join a local cat advocate group on Facebook. In the midst of learning about and doing TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, return), we found more kittens. . .YIKES!! I could pick them up and without really thinking, took them in. “Now what,” we said?! We have a family of 5 cats outside and more kittens inside. . . What just happened?!? (LOL)

A local cat rescue saw our plea and offered help.  Unfortunately mom and the 3 kittens were feral and I did not even know what socializing was at this point, but Shadow was friendly and we had a bond, so we kept him as our “pet”!  This was my start in rescue as I became a volunteer, foster, bottle feeder, socializer, then a rescue coordinator, and eventually got connected with Darbster Kitty, and the rest as they say, is history!

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